Enjoy a great new Christmas film with the family.

Looking for a good family flick for Christmas? Sally Meyer, screen-writer extraordinaire let me interview her about her new film The Christmas Project. (There’s a trailer for the movie at the bottom of the page)




The Christmas Project



ME: Tell us a little bit about the movie.

The movie is about a family, the Buckley family. Pam and Ralph are raising four boys and Pam is expecting her fifth child, and wouldn’t you know it, she’s hoping for a girl. She decides to wear pink always, to ensure that she will have the girl she wants so badly. The story centers around the four brothers, Simon, Matthew, Peter and John who are your typical all American rambunctious boys. Christmas is approaching and they begin to wonder who their family will ‘Elve’ this Christmas.

Every year it’s a tradition to choose a family and take out gifts in secret to them. All the boys look forward to it, and this year is no exception, until their Mother chooses the Hagbart Family to Elve. The Hagbarts are a poor family, consisting of Finn, Feeb, Fae and Little Francie. The Hagbarts bully the Buckley’s every day, so their dilemma throughout the movie is having to endure the bullying, during the day, and at night deliver treats to their enemies in secret. The story is heartwarming and hilarious, and teaches a message that I personally hope people will take to heart.

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ME: What was your favorite part about making this movie?

My favorite part was working with all the children on set. I love kids, and I love working with them. They bring so much to their parts, and it’s fascinating how they can create a character and make it their own. I loved having my granddaughter play a part in the movie, as well as my daughter. Even my wonderful fur baby, Bridget, my Shih Tzu, had a small role. I loved that it snowed too, lots and lots!! My first Christmas movie with “real” snow! Yay!


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ME:  Is there a funny story to share?

There are so many, but one or two stand out. There’s a scene with Matthew and Juniper, (the new girl in the neighborhood) they are in the pirate ship with the dog. It was critical that Bridget should eat a candy cane on cue, because. . . well, watch the movie and you’ll see why. I’d practiced with Bridget at home, and we both love candy canes. Every practice she would happily crunch hers. I was confident that the scene would go off without a hitch. However, on that cold night, Bridget turned up her nose at the candy cane.

After a few takes it was obvious that she wasn’t going to eat the candy cane, until by accident Juniper dropped it and it broke into pieces. I then realized that I’d always broken the candy cane in piece, so she could manage to eat them. She could not eat one whole, ha ha. So, the scene went off without a problem after that. She crunched the candy cane, and the line was delivered.

One of my favorite parts is when the actor playing Allen has a hat over his head with eye holes, so his face is hidden as they Elve the Hagbarts.. He wears glasses, so they were put on top of the hat. Because it was so cold, the glasses steamed up, so he couldn’t see, but he just went with it, and delivered his lines, without batting an eye (pun intended).

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ME: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about the film?

I’d love for people to watch the movie with their children and grandchildren. There will be a lot of moments that children might ask questions as to why this happened, why the bullies didn’t really get what they deserved in the end, and why they acted the way they did.

There are many teaching moments during the movie. Kids will love the movie because they can relate to the antics of boys, and the magic of Christmas. I hope audiences will enjoy the humor and heart of the film. One cute thing is that it has become my 4-year-old grandson McKay’s favorite movie. He watches it every day. He even quotes lines from it. I’ve always wanted to write a movie where someone quoted my lines.”


This film can be purchased online from Amazon.com, Desert Book, or Seagull books.



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