Day 7 Living the Dream. . . Literally!


A lot of people are asking what it was like to go to the premiere of the movie. The best way I can explain it is to tell you to think of a really great dream. It feels like that, only way, way better because it’s actually happening. Throw in the fact I got to enjoy it with one of my best friends for the last twenty years, and it’s even better- plus she bought me popcorn. Top ten best days of my life for sure.

First of all, the whole creating something in your mind and then seeing it come to life thing is crazy. I actually did picture the Miracle Maker looking very similar to the way he did in the film. The rustic clothes and even the knapsack he had. I was really nervous about going. I’m more of a jammies and t.v. kind of person, not a dress up and go to a premiere kind of gal. I mean, I want to. I’m definitely willing, but my very normal life hardly ever requires it. Sally, the screenwriter and I had been emailing back and forth, and she help keep me from totally freaking out. I was running late,because I got the theater confused with another that has a similar name. (Of course I was running late. I’m always running late.) Once we finally arrived, there was a line, but for the first time in my life I got to bypass the line, and we were waved in. That alone was worth writing the book for.

We picked seats near the top of one of the biggest theaters I have ever been in. I was trying to be incognito, but I was freaking out. (Crying at the drop of a hat freaking out) I couldn’t help it. I had been working on this dream for years, and now I was literally seeing it come true before my eyes. Before the movie started, the creative director and publicity person for Covenant, who was in charge of premiere, came out and did a drawing. They also introduced me and told the audience I had written the book that the movie was based on. The audience cheered for me. Seriously, they clapped and yelled, and my mom wasn’t even in the audience making them do it. It was amazing. Then we watched the movie, which I loved. They did such a beautiful job on it. At the end of the film the credits started to roll. I was preparing to squint at my name in little tiny print at the bottom of the screen, but right after the director’s, and then Sally’s name, my name popped up. It was all alone on the screen, black background, white letters, it said, “Based on a short story by Ann Acton. It was huge, like the size of my living room huge. I swear that time actually stopped for a second. I leaned over to my friend and said, “You’re seeing this too, right?” Just in case, because it really felt like a hallucination. But no, it was real. I was actually seeing my name on a movie screen. Mind blown. It wasn’t even on my bucket list because really who would reasonably put that in the bucket.

After the filming, I got to go up with all the actors and director, and Sally.( as if I actually had anything to do with filming) They were so gracious. It really had very little to do with me at all, but I was all in for whatever they were willing to offer. It was sort of nerve wracking waiting for audience questions, but it was fun. My critique group had even searched out the publishing house’s media person and sent flowers for me. I felt like Miss America, but less hungry. I also found out I knew the publicity person for the film and she took me around to meet the actors and get pictures. Lots of pictures. Memo to me: learn how to pose for pictures. Yes, I’ll admit. I hugged Jason Wade. He was just too amazing, and I’m a hugger. Sorry, Jason. All in all, it was a wonderful night and I will forever be grateful for a wonderfully humble screenwriter like Sally Meyer, and great publishing house, and the fantastic cast and crew for making my dream a reality.

MIracle maker theater Jason Wade Miracle Maker premiere MIracle Maker premiereIMG_8093

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