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My name is Ann Acton. I am a writer of children’s and young adult books. I live in the rainy state of Washington with my husband, kids, and an ever growing brood of pets.(I don’t do fish though, too much survivors guilt.) Thanks for dropping by. I hope on these pages you find something that makes you think, dream, or at least giggle a little bit.


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  1. Marta Pastor says:

    Claro y conciso. Muchas gracias. Besos!

  2. Denise Santamarina says:

    Hi Ann!, we met on the plane going to Vegas in July. I so enjoyed meeting you and your encouragement to write was inspiring. I was only back a week when I was offered the perfect job! Right now Im lining everything up so that my kids are moving toward independent & I will moving out! I will be house sitting and will have plenty of time to write this winter!!! I will keep you posted if you dont mind! I will also be making non-toxic products! 🙂

    • blog says:

      Denise, so great to hear from you. I wish you all the best. I am telling you, you have a best seller on your hands. You are one of those genuinely lovely people that deserve great things.

  3. Lauire Gonzalez says:

    Hey there my beautiful sista! I am enjoying reading all of your posts! Keep up the great work! Loves <3

  4. Annie & Ed Knight says:

    Hello Ann! We were delighted to meet you when we came in for our 25th anniversary celebration the day after the big storm. You really made our occasion special! Thank you so much for telling us about Miracle Maker, we can’t wait to see the new film and read the book. The story concept is brilliantly spun and one with important parallels. Bless you for sharing your story with us and making our evening so special! The reviews make us so excited and thrilled for you! Love, Annie & Ed

    • blog says:


      It was so much fun to meet you and your wonderful husband. Thanks so much for checking out the blog and I hope you enjoy the book. You are truly one of the wonderful people in this world that make others lives brighter with your joy and kindness.

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