Lately, I have been facing a lot of intense deadlines. I have so many irons in the fire (like so many of you also have) most days I feel like a blacksmith. Since the people in charge of cloning are being super slow at filling my wish list, it seems inevitable I’m gonna drop the ball once in a while, or lots of them— okay some days the whole place looks like a ball pit I drop so many, but that’s just life. Sometimes everything else needs to stop to make time to bake chocolate chip cookies. It’s not practical, but who wants to live in a world where all the “adulting” gets done and there are no cookies. Today was that kind of day. I super stunk up the day. It was a day full of a lot of not-even-close-to perfect, major insecurity, wish I hadn’t done that moments. So, as I was lying on my kitchen floor with a mouth full of cookie dough- don’t judge, it could be you tomorrow- I remembered this video a wonderful friend of mine sent me and decided maybe you could all use a little laugh about life. Tim Urban is hilarious. This is about being a procrastinator, which is so totally my specialty, but there’s also a great life message in here.

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