September, 2013

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What the Miracle Maker is all about

I would love to say that my career as a writer has been so successful that I no longer do anything else, but that is simply not reality yet. So I work as a “server” which is supposed to be a glorified term for a waitress. I grew up in a family restaurant, so this is my fall back job. Anyway, as you can imagine, it isn’t always a job that I take pride in. I bring people food for crying out loud. The other day though, I had a family sit in my section that changed my whole perspective. The funny thing about it is that what I learned is exactly the message of my book. Let me explain.

I was having one of those day where I just felt insignificant, not to mention grumpy, negative, and downright depressed. My first table came in and was a group of  six people. They had a lot of questions about the menu and I was able to steer them toward things that they really enjoyed and really made their experience better. The thing that made me really think about my book was the fact that one of the ladies really praised me. She told me how much she appreciated my knowledge and willingness to make their get together better. She said it several times and I really felt like I had contributed to their having a good experience and enjoyable evening. It really made me happy. I suddenly saw that although I wasn’t curing cancer I could still touch lives and make someone’s day better.

Kindness is contagious. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living you can always make someone’s day a little better. This group of strangers and I got to talking and it came around that I was a writer, and that I had a children’s book coming out. I told them about it, and they were very excited for me. We talked about a few other things for a while. They ask about my family and we talked about how I home school my kids, and help with my husbands business, they were so encouraging and seemed genuinely impressed with my ability to balance so many things. If made me see all the things I contribute even if I don’t have a really impressive job. They turned my whole night around.  It hit me about two minutes after they walked out that I was happier and more content with my day, my job, everything. That’s when I saw the miracle that kindness can work first hand. The Miracle Maker has always been a project that is very personal, but now I am so proud to have created something with a message that truly can change lives. It’s ironic that someone had to show me the reality of the message. I am so grateful for that family and in their honor I am challenging anyone who reads this to go out and spread kindness and see what miracles they can work.