Happy November!!


I have always loved fall, but now I have an even better reason. MIRACLE MAKER IS OFFICIALLY OUT IN COLOR ILLUSTRATION. Wow that’s a lot of caps. But yes, if you were here I would be yelling from the rooftops. It’s been an incredibly long road, but I am so please with the way it turned out.

Now that it is November, we can officially settle in and embrace the holidays. We can look forward to Grandma’s pumpkin pie, visits from extended family (with all the crazy that brings), cozy nights by the fire, and of course holiday movies and stories.

For the next few months this blog is going to be all about the holiday season. I have some easy craft ideas, gift recommendations, Toystore Tuesday’s (where we review some great toys), and of course FOOD ideas to make your celebrations fun and festive. I am also starting a Newsletter subscription where I’ll give updates on new writing projects and events as well as fun giveaways and book deals. To kick it off I am going to have a giveaway for the Miracle Maker Movie. To enter in the drawing all you have to do is sign up for the news letter at the bottom of this blog post. It’s easy and painless and I promise never to sell off your info or send you a bunch of junk mail.











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