Day 6 Picts from the Set

On the sixth day of blogging I decided to give you six new pictures from the set and six facts about the filming.

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Fact 1- Director John Lyde, filmed Miracle Maker in 12 days. ( Ya, that’s super quick, but don’t let the time fool you. He is able to do quality in a crunch.)

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Fact 2 – The movie was filmed  at This Is the Place State Park in Salt Lake City, old town Heber City, and American Fork. Lyde also got a few shots from a ghost town in California, but there were tons of tourists that had to be edited out of each one.

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Fact 3- The wonderful actress that plays Sarah Cronin is Caitlin E. J. Meyer. She is the screenwriter, Sally Meyer’s daughter.

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Fact 4- The actress that plays Rae Grant stole the show in most scenes. Her ability to ad lib and roll with a scene impressed even veteran actor Brian Krause. “Where did you get this kid?” was his response after one of their first scenes together.

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Fact 5- Lyde admitted that Actors on horseback makes for an interesting shot. If you see worry in the eyes of Caitlin Meyer, or Melanie Stone in the buggy scene it’s probably not for Oliver, but for their lives because of the speed they were going. However, Lyde revealed that it was the mouse scene and not the horses that proved to be challenging. The mice refused to stay still, even when given cheese.

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Fact 6- This cutie, Cooper Johnson, played Oliver in the film. He was supposed to release this pigeon to bring the Miracle Maker. The crew purchased the pigeons for $5.00 each, but none of them wanted to fly. They just kept coming right back. Rumor has it that they were offered to Johnson for doing a great job filming, but his mom said, ” No way.” ( I don’t blame her on that one.)





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