Day 11 An Interview with Karen Baird

Here is a great interview with the hilarious Karen Baird, who plays Bessie in the film. I told you I went to the premiere with a friend, well we have been friends for around 25 years. We plan to become Bessie and Agnes.

Bessie and Agnes

Tell us a little about yourself.

Karen: I was born in Connecticut to a very talented family. All of my brothers and sisters and my Father were very musical. My Father could even make playing a comb sound wonderful – whereas my Mother always said she had a rocking chair voice and we would go to sleep rather than listen to her. My sisters and I never did dishes without singing in our little trio. I was the youngest, so I always sang the melody. After moving to CA I became involved in several singing groups and was bitten by the acting bug. I even met my husband while playing opposite him in a musical in Los Angeles. I love performing. I love the opportunity to create and “become” the characters the playwright has given me to develop.

How did you get involved with this project?

Karen: My agent sent me an email regarding the audition for The Miracle Maker. I was in Idaho visiting my daughter when I received the information and almost didn’t consider auditioning. But the very last day to submitting the audition I convinced my daughter and grand-daughter to play the other characters in the sides I received and my grandson was the “filmer” on my IPhone. You can’t imagine how delighted I was when John Lyde, the director, contacted me saying he wanted me do the role of Bessie.

What was you favorite part about making this movie?

Karen: I loved every moment of filming. Being able to perform with Anne Sward was pure delight. We just hit it off and had the best time together. And working with such a talented cast and crew was beyond my expectations. I have never worked with such a fantastic group of people. The director, John Lyde, was incredible. Everyone was a joy. Every day of the shoot was fantastic.

Is there a funny story you could share about the filming, or a particular scene that would be interesting readers?

Karen: Filming in Heber, the last day of the shoot, it grew dark, rainy and very windy. It was quite the shock to see the makeup tent literally blow away!!!!! The makeup crew was then transferred to a stable building that turned out to be a tattoo parlor! Pretty funny, but we were all grateful. Then the wind calmed, the rain turned to sunshine and we were able to complete the shoot. Talk about a little miracle.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about this movie?

Karen: One of the underlying themes of The Miracle Maker that really touched me is how we can all become part of a miracle, part of a change for the better, part of improving our situations by changing our attitude and allowing the “miracle” to happen.

How do you feel about Miracles?

Karen: I do believe in miracles. I know, without a doubt, that miracles do happen. Interception and promptings can change our lives. We just have to be sensitive enough to respond to the those promptings.


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