Day 9 She’s Little, but She’s Mighty.

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Meet Kalea Atkinson, a tiny little actress who is destine to become a big star. Acting is in her genes. Both her older siblings act too, and Kalea had her first acting experience when she was two. Miracle Maker is her first feature film.  Her mom Kalani helped to get an interview with her.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Kalea: I am 8 years old. I have one brother (12 years old) and one sister (16 years old). My favorite color is pink. I want to be an Olympic gymnast and I workout 18 hours a week right now. I love owls and acting. I am also a good student. People say I am very mature for my age but that I look like I am 6. I was actually born early and weighed 4 lbs when my parents brought me home.

How did you get involved with this project?

Kalea: I auditioned for the part of Rae Grant. I sent a video audition to the director and he picked me to play the part.

 What was you favorite part about making this movie?

Kalea: I liked acting in the scenes because they were so funny. I also loved getting to be around all the kids. I made some good friends on the set.

Is there a funny story you could share about the filming, or a particular scene that would be interesting readers?

Kalea: As soon as they would call cut when I was filming the scene at the Miracle Makers house, I would start singing One Direction. Jason Wade and I would sing the song together. He would make the music for me and I would sing.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about this movie?

Kalea: It was a fun story to be in and watch. When we filmed in Heber, I couldn’t wear shoes and there were pokey things on the ground so I had to be carried a lot.

How do you feel about Miracles?

Kalea: I think they exist because when I watched the Cokeville Miracle it was a big inspiration. It was a miracle those kids and teachers survived.

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