Great House Cleaning Tool

With all there is to do in a day- kids, food, work, etc. . . I often get asked how I find time to write. My answer is always the same. Give up house work! Of course, that isn’t really true, but my ADD nature doesn’t really contribute to an immaculate home. I start to dust, then get distracted by the state of the oven, half make the beds and . . . you get the idea. So, when I came across this handy cleaning tool by Tidy Mom with printable checklists I was all over it.

I hate house cleaning because it never seems to have an end. With a checklist, I feel like I have accomplished something. Click on the link and let me know what you think. Now you’ll have time for whatever you like to do. Maybe even reading a book by an incredibly talented new author. ;0 (Oh how I love the winky face.)

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